Người đăng: Ms. Thơm
Nơi đăng: Vĩnh Phúc
Ngày đăng: 10:44, 27/05/2017
Lượt xem: 88
Sửa chữa: 10:55, 05/02/2018
Loại: Tuyển dụng
Hết hạn: 10:55, 05/02/2020

Tuyển Human Resources Director

Giá bán: 30.000.000 VND

mua bán
The GPO is currently looking for qualified candidates for the position: Human Resources Director at Huong Canh-Vinh Phuc
Work responsibility
Analyze job content for each company position and create and update job descriptions, job ratings, and job rankings for each position.
Plan, review and implement recruitment plans, staff budgets, and work closely with delivery teams to control labor costs within the approved budget.
Monitoring, analyzing and reviewing training policies, procedures and practices, and recommending any improvement in management.
Advise the Board of Directors on matters relating to the organizational structure and management of the company.
Counsel and advise top managers on issues related to staff.
Guiding, leading, coaching, guiding and supporting all functions of the human resources and human resources departments to motivate, develop staff and ensure the individual employee reaches good performance. Most and their highest level.
Job requirements
Qualification: University degree in Human Resource Law / Law / Business Administration and related fields
Ability to communicate in English well.
Have in-depth knowledge of Human Resource Management, constantly updating new HR practices, approaches and paradigms.
Experienced personnel in garment companies for companies with over 300 employees
Experienced personnel in garment companies
Attractive salary by capacity
Review salary twice a year
Work in Magento Partner 1 in Vietnam - Professional English environment
English Training and Management Packages
Interested candidates please send your CV to the email address: with the subject: Name - Year of birth - Location of application. Example: Nguyen Ha - 1992 – HRM
Contact: Ms. Hang Nhung: 01646.022.454 or
Deadline: as soon as possible.

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Tuyển Human Resources Director
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The GPO is currently looking for qualified candidates for the position: Human Resources Director at Huong Canh-Vinh PhucWork responsibility• Analyze
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